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Riot Games Project L leak: League of Legends Fighting Game Project L Will Be Free To Play And Add New Hero Oroy

Riot Games Project L leak: League of Legends Fighting Game Project L Will Be Free To Play And Add New Hero Oroy

Project L is Riot Games’ upcoming 2D fighting game in the League of Legends universe, and Riot has announced that the League of Legends fighting game Project L will not cost players anything, meaning anyone can play the game. And Cannon also introduced that Siren Priestess Oroy will be the next league champion for Project L. If you’re interested in this fighting game, you can get plenty of League of Legends RP to add to the game in advance.

What is Project L?

Riot Games has now confirmed its upcoming League of Legends 2D fighting game, codenamed Project L. Project L has been in development for over three years and has been delayed due to the epidemic until now. The battles take place in the Rune Lands universe and players can expect to see heroes such as Beaver, Jinx, Ike and Galen all go head to head in the game, with Riot Games being the creative minds behind League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics and Valorant, with Project L being the latest addition to the Riot Games library. The fighting game will be a new adventure for the company, but so far there’s no official release date. And Riot plans to hold a major tournament for professional fighting game players to take part in.

The game will be free to play

Project L has been confirmed as a free-to-play game! Given Riot Games’ past releases, Riot’s red-hot League of Legends and Valorant have been free-to-play from the start, so it’s no surprise that Project L is free-to-play, but it’s certainly something for those League of Legends fans to be happy about. And developer Cannon says that one of their goals is to remove as many barriers as possible for players to enjoy Project L. The Project L team will “respect” its players’ “time and wallets” when it comes to monetisation.

New heroes will be added to the game

In addition to Project L being free to play, Cannon has also introduced a new champion to the game, the Siren Priestess Oroy. League of Legends players may be familiar with Oroy, who joined Riot’s MOBA in 2015, but in Project L and the fighting game, Oroy will be a “huge hurtbox, massive hitbox, and slower movement with an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master toolkit”. The Project L team hopes that each hero will provide more than what players expect. As for which league champions will eventually appear in Project L, the team says it will aim to bring a diverse and inclusive lineup.

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