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5 Underrated Enchantments In Minecraft 1.19

5 Underrated Enchantments In Minecraft 1.19

In the world of Minecraft, players need to survive and progress by defeating mobs, exploring new areas, and mining treasures to acquire items. Players can apply Minecraft 1.19 enchantments to certain special abilities on their tools, weapons, and armor. There are many useful enchantments in Minecraft 1.19 that allow players to customize their gear and gain additional beneficial effects. Players can prepare enough Minecraft for Windows Game Coins to better apply these enchantments in the game.

Luck of the Sea

Luck of the Sea in Minecraft 1.19 can be applied to fishing rods. Luck of the Sea is an enchantment for fishing rods that can increase fishing luck. Not only does it increase the chance of catch, it also reduces the chance of garbage catch by about 2% per level. Also, the chance of catching fish per level is reduced by about 0.15%. In conclusion fishing is one of the easiest and safest activities a player can do, and also builds some ways for the player to obtain beneficial items. From enchanted books to nameplates and even some trivial things like saddles, you can fish with the Luck of the Sea enchantment and bring useful value if you just spend a little time.

Depth Strider

The Depth Strider in Minecraft 1.19 can be applied to boots. If the player needs to explore the ocean, the Depth Strider enchantment is one of the best choices. When Depth Striders swim underwater, their movements will be very slow because both breathing and movement are limited underwater and also require precious time. Depth Strider shows its value at this time, it can essentially reduce the friction between the body and the water block, and ultimately make the game player swim faster. If this enchantment is combined with the Dolphin’s Grace effect, they will swim faster.


Fire in Minecraft 1.19 can only be applied to the bow enchantment, and when it comes to bows, players usually double and improve weapons in pursuit of infinite power, and can also cast flame enchantments. In layman’s terms, if the bow is attached with fire magic, the arrows shot from the bow will have flames and cause burning damage to the target. This magic applies not only to mobs, but also to illuminate portals, TNT, and other fire-affected blocks.


Thorns in Minecraft 1.19 can also be applied to other armor pieces, and Thorns are enchantments that deal damage to enemies in unique ways. When players apply Thorns to their breastplates, they automatically deal damage to any creature that attacks them, a magic that not only works in melee combat, but also has a big advantage in ranged attacks. This means that if zombies and skeletons attack the player with their hands or arrows, they will also take health damage accordingly, but the amount of damage depends on the enchantment level.

Feather Falling

Feather fall in Minecraft 1.19 can be applied to boots. Due to the complex and irregular game terrain, if players accidentally fall from cliffs or caves, they will suffer fall damage. This damage is very deadly, and in serious cases, it will be directly killed. player. So this is where the Feather Fall enchantment comes into play, generally, it reduces the fall damage to the player. Usually players may use the bucket MLG to find ways to save themselves, but if you are a novice, it will not be able to play a good role in self-help. So when the player suddenly falls from a height, the enchantment of feather fall will provide the player with a very beneficial help.

The above are the 5 underrated magics in Minecraft 1.19 that we introduced. In fact, there are many other underrated magics in Minecraft, we will not list them all here, if you know there are better ones. Enchanted, follow our blog,, and leave us a message below our articles.