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Lost Ark Pet Ranch Guide: Rewards, Legendary Pets and How to Unlock Pet Ranch

Lost Ark Pet Ranch Guide: Rewards, Legendary Pets and How to Unlock Pet Ranch

Pets are an important part of any MMO, and Lost Ark is no exception. Pet Ranch is a fortress activity in Lost Ark that revolves around the player’s pet, allowing the player’s pet to work in the ranch and provide players with tokens, and players can also buy various items from the fortress vendor. So this guide aims to introduce Lost Ark’s pet ranch guide in detail. Players can buy Cheap Lost Ark Gold for unlocking pet ranch in the game.

Introduction of Lost Ark Pet Ranch

The Lost Ark Pet Ranch is a new location in the garrison where players can level up their pets and earn unique rewards. Also in this update is the Ranch and the Biscuit Workshop. To unlock these, players need to reach garrison level 15, unlock the garrison farm, cave and have a pet, after which they can complete the garrison quest Yay, Pet Ranch.

Lost Ark Pet Ranch Rewards

The Jam Cookie Vendor is another big part of this update, as they offer weekly rewards like pet cosmetics, card packs, phoenix feathers, and more, here are the main items on offer:

Vitameow: A depleting vitamin that can provide bonuses to pets, helping pets restore morale by 10%.

Arcane Battery: Crafted by the Nebelhorn Laboratory in Asentine, with this item, an additional 3 Jam Cookies will be produced in the Biscuit Workshop every ten minutes.

Pet Feat Potion: A potion created by the Fain Magic Society to enhance pet Feat.

Pet Custom Potion: You can transform pets to unlock the rebirth function.

Pet Growth Token: A mysterious enchantment token created by the Wien Magic Association to upgrade pets.

Lost Ark Pet Ranch Legendary Pets

One of the features in Pet Ranch is pet upgrades. Players can upgrade their epic pets to legendary pets, but they need 30 pet growth tokens. Some features can then be unlocked, but Legendary pets will be granted random skills, and the skill effects will be applied to the player in battle at random intermittent intervals. Pets will gain six different skills: Cheers of the Heart, Cheers of Serenity, Cheers of Heaven, Cheers of Courage, Cheers of Resonance, and Cheers of Silence.

How to Unlock Lost Ark Pet Ranch

The prerequisites for unlocking the Lost Ark pet ranch are that the fortress level needs to reach level 15, unlock the fortress farm and cave, and only players with pets can enter the pet ranch. There, players can upgrade their pets and get rewards. Once you reach level 15, you need to go to the fortress near the gate and talk to Aiden and choose the quest called Yay, Pet Ranch, your character will take the quest, now you have to talk to the NPC called Dispatched Chromarong.

You can find the dispatched Chromarong at the stronghold’s farm. So, go to the farm in the fortress and go to the location of the quest on the map. Talk to Dispatched Chromarong and select the conversation on the screen and you will be notified by Vern Magick Society. Read the notification and talk to Dispatched Chromarong again. Select the dialogue on the screen, after the dialogue is over, the pet ranch will be unlocked and you will see different vendors outside the pet ranch.

Hopefully, after reading this guide, you will be able to learn about Lost Ark Pet Ranch and unlock it. For more Lost Ark news, subscribe to for more.

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