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How To Get White Slots In Path of Exile (Kalandra Lake)

How To Get White Slots In Path of Exile (Kalandra Lake)

Path of Exile recently released a new league called Lake of Kalandra, and it also introduced new gameplay elements. Players wanting to get the best gear to conquer new content need to get things like gear with white sockets that allow players to plug in any type of skill to make the item more valuable. All this guide aims to tell players how to get white slots in Path of Exile Kalandra Lake, players can also prepare PoE Currency to help make white slots.

Since players in League of Karandra all start with new tier 1 characters, it’s not difficult to get gear with white sockets at first, the main thing is for end game content. It takes about 30-40 hours for new players to clear the main 10-act story of Path of Exile, and even less time for older players who are familiar with the game. Players can use maps in the world map, and may also open up random maps.

So in order to strengthen the characters in Path of Exile, players can use skill gems and insert them into the slots of the armor’s fun weapons. There are three colors of red, green and blue in the slot, and players can insert skill gems of the corresponding color. It is also possible to make equipment with white sockets, white sockets can insert skill gems of any color, but getting white sockets is not easy, here is how to get white sockets.

The first way to get white slot gear is to fight the Immortal Syndicate. Players need to find Vorici and assign him to the Research Safehouse when the player has the opportunity. When the player raids the safehouse, the higher the Vorici level, the higher the chance the player will get more white slot items. And it’s guaranteed to have 1 white socket at level 1, and a maximum of 6 when Vorici is at level 4.

The second way to get white slot gear is through Path of Exile’s Chrono Invasion mode. This is where players place their chosen item on the Altar of Corruption, which then damages it, and also modifies it unpredictably. That said, these items will randomly roll new stats, including slot colors. It’s an unpredictable gamble, but it’s also possible to get lucky with a white slot.

The last way to get white socket gear is that players can use Vaal Orbs to modify their items, this method may change the socket color to white, but Vaal Orbs have other uses as well. If the player really needs a specific item in Path of Exile to get the white socket, they can use their Vaal Orb.

This is how players get white slots in Path of Exile, if you find this guide helpful in your game, please subscribe to our blog for more helpful Path of Exile guides.

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