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6 Things Everyone Completely Misses in Imperial Mythology

6 Things Everyone Completely Misses in Imperial Mythology

Because Myth of Empires is a huge game, it’s easy for players to overlook a few things in it. Myth of Empires provides players with a great degree of freedom, players can form alliances with friends and other players in the game, slowly but surely become stronger. But there are bound to be missed things, so this article aims to help you find out by stating the things you overlooked, and you can also purchase Myth of Empires Copper Coins in the game to help you challenge the Myth of Empires.

Guild Building

To make it easier for players to collect resources in the game can be regularly farmed, through these capture points on the map, players can also build lumber mills, mines and quarries, taking your abilities to the next level. After defeating the enemy at the guard point, the player can select the flag to see which buildings can be built where to better harvest resources. When the player is ready with building materials, they can continue building buildings. Players can build a strong guild network by repeating it multiple times.


The Sheriff’s Building is not hidden, it is located in the east of the map, surrounded by these various camps, players will not easily miss it. If you miss the building, you miss the dominance of the area. Holding the magistrate building can control the local rich copper and iron resources, which are all around the building. Controlling this resource is a highly sought-after position, with players able to grab up to 100,000 coins per day, but the challenge is to prepare for battles to gain and control the area.

Daily tasks

When the player starts the game, they can resume the mission where they left off. But early in the game, players are better off not only completing the early questlines, but also logging in and making sure to complete the daily quests. Daily quests are often trivial and come with nice bonuses to help players pass those difficult early levels.

Agriculture, resource collection

It is easier for players to focus on the short-term goals of survival in Myth of Empires, but long-term planning is also not to be missed. However, farming resources in the game is relatively inefficient, so players need a way to change this situation. Shopping cart icons may appear on the map, and these represent resource collection points. A group of powerful human NPCs will guard the loot and must defeat you to collect all the loot.


There are many caves in the world of the Eastern Continent waiting to be explored and utilized, and players can use these caves to hide the most precious resources. These caves offer new worlds that you can explore and countless other features. These include places that are used as fast travel points in the region, to establish a base away from prying eyes, or to operate as a hub for resource extraction in the region.

Fast travel

Players can quickly traverse the map and get from A to B much faster than you could otherwise, set up a bed and you’ll be able to return to it from anywhere in the world. Players will need to make sure you have chests in and around your bed though, as you’ll lose everything you’re carrying while fast-travelling. This adds the complexity required for fast travel, and once you reach level four, you can drop these chests.

The above are the six things that players tend to ignore in Myth of Empires. I hope that after reading this guide, players can discover these things in the game and make good use of them. See for a guide to more Myth of Empires.

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