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Diablo: How to Farm the Aspirant’s Keys

Diablo: How to Farm the Aspirant’s Keys

Aspirant’s Keys are an important form of currency that players need to use to unlock chests within Iben Fahd’s sanctum. Rewarding players with valuable upgrade materials called culling stones, these keys are a free way to upgrade character attributes. This guide will help you farm the Aspirant’s Key in Diablo Immortal and how to use it, and players can prepare plenty of Diablo Platinum in advance of the game.

How to get the Aspirant’s Key in Diablo Immortal

Daily First Kill Track

Players can log into Diablo each day and earn various rewards by completing various objectives. one of these rewards is any number of Aspirant’s Keys earned through the daily first kill rewards. the number of Aspirant’s Keys collected is usually 5, but may change from week to week.

Complete the Coven Raid in Shadow

If players join the Shadow, they will have the opportunity to participate in the Coven, an event that can be easily completed in a matter of minutes each day and provides players with Aspirant’s Keys, among other rewards.

Participate in Battlefield PVP

The Aspirant’s Key can also be earned by participating and ranking in Battlefield PvP. Each upgrade rewards players with the use of many keys, so be sure to climb these leaderboards and earn your player’s own surplus of Aspirant’s Keys.

Complete Ibn Fahd’s Sanctum Abyss

One of the many activities Diablo Immortal offers each day is Sanctum Abyss, which essentially allows players to visit the Sanctum and defeat various enemies in order to earn Aspirant’s Keys. theoretically, players can earn at least four keys for free by doing so, which can then help them open about three chests. However, players should note that while the bounty stacks rewards for not participating on consecutive days, not participating in the Sanctuary will cost players potential keys for that day.

Hradim’s Legacy

Another way to obtain the Aspirant’s Key is to find containers from Hradim’s Legacy to increase your character’s power level. Players will need to reach the Sanctuary of Ibn Fahd at around level 49, after which Hradim’s Legacy will require you to defeat the leaders of 9 ships. Along the way, you will acquire enough Candidate Keys to unlock approximately 20 chests per day within the Sanctuary of Iben Fahd.

PvE Raids

Players can also collect Aspirant keys through Kion’s Ordeal. These are PvE raids that require four teams of 12 players each. After completing the raid, the Aspirant’s key will be added to your inventory as a reward.

Hilt Trader

The most basic and straightforward way to obtain Aspirant’s Keys, at least until new content is added, is to purchase them from the Hilts Trader. However, there is a limit to how many keys a player can obtain. Considering that you will need about 377 Aspirant keys to unlock all treasure chests in the game, you will have to resort to other ways to accumulate keys.

How to use the Aspirant’s Keys

Now that we know how to get out of the way, let’s see how to use the Aspirant’s Key in Diablo Immortal. This key has only one main use, which is to open chests in the Sanctuary of Ibn Fahd in Westmar in order to obtain Culling Stones. These stones help you upgrade the ships in Herodim Legacy. You can access it from the Shrine in the Sanctuary.

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