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Genshin Impact: How to Make and Use Fishing Baits

Genshin Impact: How to Make and Use Fishing Baits

Genshin Impact 2.1 introduces a new fishing mechanic that allows players to catch rare sea creatures with just a little skill, and these fish can be used in a variety of maneuvers, including obtaining one of the most powerful 4-star weapons in the game. Many players are eager to catch fish in Protogod Impact, and to do so, players will need to craft bait, depending on the type of fish. In order to learn how to make different baits, players will need to visit specific sellers to purchase recipes. This guide will help players understand how to make and use baits in Genshin Impact. Players will also need to purchase Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals in-game to ensure they have enough ingredients to make baits.

How to make baits in Genshin Impact

You can purchase additional lure designs from the Fishing Association. You can find these suppliers in the main cities of each region. They are shown on the map as fish icons and are easy to spot. The vendor will provide the player with three medaka fish x 3 recipes. To get them quickly, consider catching Medaka x 9 before visiting the store.

Players can also make their own, first needing to unlock the recipe for each species. A seller named Nantuck can be found outside of Mundstadt’s walls, northeast of the town’s small island. This is the list of bait recipes he uses in exchange for Medaka, including the ingredients needed to make the fruit paste bait. Nantuck, a fisherman in Mundstadt, sells recipes for four Redrot baits, fake worm baits, fake fly baits and jam baits. So go to Mondstadt, look for the fishing icon and get 4 formulas.

Redrot bait x 10 – Dendrobium x 1, Poultry x 1

False worm bait x 10 – slime condensate x 1, berries x 1

False fly bait x 10 – cherry blossom x 1, horsetail x 1

Jam bait x 10 – sunflower x 1, wheat x 1

Below is the list of fish that can be caught for each bait type.

Redrot Bait: Sticklebacks, Bettas, Venomspine Fish, Akai Maou and Snowstriders

False Worm Bait: Shirako-tai and Shinobi

False Fly Bait: Koi and Puffer Fish

Jam baits: Killifish, Dawn Catcher and Crystal Fish

How to use baits in Genshin Impact

baits can only be used in the fishing system in Protokami Impact. Players need to pair the lure with a fishing rod and then head to the designated fishing spot to catch the fish. The bait is as important as the fishing rod itself. Without it, players will not be able to catch the fish they want. It is also important to remember which fish respond to which bait. Otherwise, it will be difficult for players to fish in Genshin Impact, which introduces many fishing spots throughout Tevat. Most fishing spots have the same fish, with different fish appearing at different times of the day. Some fish spawn only during the day and some spawn only at night. Daytime is 6am to 6pm and nighttime is 6pm to 6am.

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