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How to Slide-Kick a Runaway Boulder in Fortnite

How to Slide-Kick a Runaway Boulder in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4, Week 1’s weekly challenge is to slide kick out of control boulders, completing this challenge will reward players with 20k XP as well as help them unlock new skins on their Battle Passes. When players jump into a Fortnite match, they need to keep moving and use movement mechanics like sliding to give players an advantage if they want to survive battles with enemy players, and slide kicking is now a new movement strategy in Fortnite. This guide will show players how to slide kick out of control boulders in Fortnite, and all players have to do is buy enough Fortnite V-BUCKS.

How to Slide Kick in Fortnite

To slide kick in Fortnite, players simply need to sprint and then slide with momentum before an object or player comes into contact. Sliding through will automatically perform the slide kick.

1. Start sprinting by holding the following buttons while moving forward.

PC: Shift (left side)

Xbox: Left analog stick (LSB)

PlayStation: Left analog joystick (L3)

Switch: Left analog joystick

2. When sprinting, press the right analog stick on the controller, or the left CTRL on the keyboard to start sliding.

3. When the player comes into contact with an enemy or object while sliding, the player will automatically perform a slide kick and will need to have enough momentum to keep the player sliding, so keep this in mind when kicking.

Although this mechanic is called a slide “kick”, note that its animation is not different from the regular slide in the game. Enemies hit by the slide kick will be knocked back, so take this opportunity to disrupt their aim or knock them down to the edge of doom.

How to Slide Kick out of a runaway boulder in Fortnite

To use the slide kick to knock out of control boulders, players must first find the out-of-control boulder and then soften it up with a reaping tool or a few bullets from your gun. But don’t do too much damage, or players will remove it before they have a chance to hit it with a slide kick.

Fortunately, doing a successful slide kick isn’t that hard, especially if you’ve fully mastered the art of slide kicking. All you have to do is slide regularly, and as soon as you touch another object at the end of your slide, you will automatically perform a slide kick. Unfortunately, if you haven’t quite figured out how to slide, this is where you’ll need to excel if you want to complete the various challenges that require you to slide successfully. The slide kick will enable players to pay more attention to the nearby terrain and then use it again in the game. Players can also kick at runaway boulders and use them to hit enemies and cause some serious damage.

Players can also damage boulders beforehand with weapons or picks to speed things up, and you’ll need to make sure you have weapons on hand to eliminate any opponents lurking nearby. Once you have lowered the boulder’s life with your weapon, keep backing up until you have some distance between you and the boulder, then all you have to do is remove the obstacle, then sprint and slide until you hit the boulder, slide down and kick out of the runaway boulder.

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